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Originally founded as Haskell and Bosworth in 1894 by George Everett Haskell and William W. Bosworth in Beatrice, Nebraska, and later incorporated in Lincoln, Nebraska as The Beatrice Creamery Company in 1898, the company change its name to Beatrice Foods Company in 1946 to reflect the change from primarily dairy foods to grocery products. Beatrice was taken private in 1986 by private investors, with the aim of divesting all company assets, which was achieved by 1990, when the last remaining part of the original Beatrice was sold off to CAGSUB, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of ConAgra, Inc.


The Beatrice of today was founded back in 1991, as Hoopes Enterprises, Inc. as a food and consumer products company, which adheres to the original Beatrice principles of quality products at fair prices.




Beatrice changes name of food subsidiary; Beatrice U.S. Food Corporation, to the historical and well remembered Beatrice Foods Company.  Beatrice forms new technology subsidiary; Beatrice Technologies, Inc., which will encompass Beatrice technology business assets, including The Porticus Centre, and bci360i.




Beatrice sells the Impertio Services Company to IP Labs, Inc., along with the business inventory, customers, vendors and Impertio trade name.  Beatrice Companies, Inc. creates new internal IT department called Beatrice Network Services, which replaces Impertio.  Beatrice Network Services launches the bci360°i platform, which stands for "Beatrice Companies Inc 360 degree Initiative".  This new initiative is catered for all Beatrice Companies, Inc. and subsidiary companies to rely on Beatrice Network Services for all IT infrastructure; computer systems, phone systems, cabling, software and communications services.  This helps create a unified IT platform throughout the company.  The Porticus Centre, an Internet historical business documents archival system merges with Beatrice.




Creator of Tarasov Herbal Dressing, Arthur J. Tarasoff passed away at age 69.  The Directors of Beatrice plan to group the non-foods businesses into an independent entity, with the plan to sell these assets.  Beatrice re-introduces “Beatrice Cooke” as the official company spokes lady.





Directors of Almus, Inc. plan to split the company: Almus, Inc. would retain the Tutus Trust Services (Asset Protection) business.  Almus would then split off the Impertio Services Company and food assets into a new company called Beatrice Companies, Inc.  With the shifting economic situation, the Directors of both Beatrice and Almus agree that the two companies should remain together, and that Almus will be renamed Beatrice U.S. Food Corporation, and will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Beatrice Companies, Inc.  This results in the retention of the Tutus Trust Services (Asset Protection) business, which is renamed Beatrice Trust Services.  Beatrice sells the original Virtual Services trade name and business properties (excluding Virtual Open House) to Premier Virtual Services, Inc., a web hosting and design company.




Almus, Inc. introduces Almus Nutrition & Health Sciences, which oversees the quality, formulation and standardization of all Almus food products.  Almus Nutrition & Health Sciences publishes internet newsletter; Feed & Teach Nutrition.  Almus Nutrition & Health Sciences launches Almus Direct, an e-commerce internet site dedicated to nutritional products for consumers and distributors.




Almus, Inc. establishes Almus International, which handles sales, distribution and manufacturing of Almus products internationally.  Two new business units established: Almus Food Service, to handle distribution of Almus food products to restaurants, and Almus Food Ingredients, which distributes spices, herbs, flavorings and baking ingredients to food manufactures and restaurants.  Almus, Inc. forges manufacturing and distribution rights with Nikos Ligidakis, creator of Nick’s Feta Dressing.




Almus, Inc. announces that Almus Internet Services, Inc. will cease operations, which includes the Virtual Open House program and the e-commerce businesses.  Almus Business Services, the telecommunication installation and sales business unit, is re-branded as Impertio Services Company, and becomes the internal IT company for Almus, Inc., but also does installation and maintenance work for non-Almus businesses.  Alvin "Al" Alton, former group manager at Beatrice Foods Co. Research Department passed away at age 87.





Hoopes Foods Co. becomes Hoopes Grocery Products (predecessor to Almus Grocery Products) and forms partnership with Tarasov Foods, producing Tarasov Herbal Miracle Dressing & Sauce.  The e-commerce business (SanLu, Hoopes Direct) and the Hoopes Telecom Center retail store are combined to form new business entity called Corporation, which later in the year e-fingo is completely spun off as an independent company.  Hoopes Companies and Tarasov Herbal Dressings changes it's corporate charter and becomes Almus, Inc.




Hoopes Enterprises, Inc. forms partnership with Virtual Open House, created by Jason R. Friend and John T. West in 1996, which later became Virtual Services, Inc.; in establishing internet listings for real estate agents, using 360° video technology.  Hoopes Direct (formerly Hoopes Catalogue Services) and SanLu, Ltd. form internet e-commerce business.  Dewey's Gourmet Popped Corn changes it's name to Napasada Gourmet Popped Corn.




SanLu, Ltd. (acronym for Sandy/Lucy) is formed and opens art gallery in Tennessee specializing in unique works of art.  SanLu, Ltd. also engaged in the production of original artwork garments.




Hoopes Foods Co. is established and begins formulation of gourmet snack food products.  Dewey's Gourmet Popped Corn debuts with four all natural flavors: Caramel Corn, Cheese Corn, Apple-Cinnamon Corn and Chocolate Corn and is sold to gift basket companies and specialty retail outlets.





May 13, 1991, Hoopes Enterprises, Inc. is incorporated.  Hoopes Catalogue Services starts to sell AT&T consumer telecommunication equipment, 3M Office Supply, and 3M Magnetic Media products by mail order catalog.





To inquire on the rich history of the legacy Beatrice, click on the Beatrice Foods Co. link.


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