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4/7/2014 Vol.II No.I


Beatrice has been doing quite well, despite the slowing of the U.S. economy. Though Beatrice is more heavy in the technology sector, we are making progress in securing our future in the area of bulk food and consumer durables distribution for international customers, as we recognize the trend will be more for these type of products. It takes time to configure our systems and workforce for this arena, and we have been making strides in both technology and personnel for this to happen, and 2014 looks to be a bright year ahead for Beatrice.

With that said, it should be noted that with our world quickly changing at an alarming rate, some might say even more so in the last few years, one thing I have noticed is the increasing discrimination towards those of the Christian faith, and how it is almost to the point that if you even admit you are Christian, you are either ridiculed for being part of an "intolerant", "hateful" or "narrow minded" group. Also, if you are not "politically correct", then you are not normal. Well, not to disappoint, but as a personal follower of Jesus Christ, the Son of The Living God, I have guided Beatrice as a Christian run business, and we are not politically correct, but we do respect that others have different beliefs. Not everyone may agree with others beliefs, but we should not force those on others, and we don't expect others to force theirs upon us. Other companies are bullied into accepting certain beliefs or else, or going along with a certain political dialogue, either through donations or contributions. Beatrice does not do any of this, and we are more interested in creating an environment where it is a fun and safe place to work, which also believes in strong traditional values. Others may have different values and beliefs, and that should be accepted that there are different beliefs, but not forced upon by each other. For whatever reason, too many companies seem to get tied into political activism or pressure from outside groups to force them to accept certain values. Beatrice stays away from such negativity, and we like to just concentrate on our business.

It is fun to work at Beatrice, and if we concentrate on our work, and help build this company, we can strive to be a truly great company.






DeWitt P. Hoopes

President, CEO & CTO


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