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Delicious and nutritious mealtime recipes from Beatrice Cooke!




Feta Pesto Chicken

Portokali Pie


Classic Beatrice Cooke Recipes


16 new ways to cook with milk

16 best chocolate milk recipes

16 plain wonderful cottage cheese recipes


why Christmas is a recipe. Put a sparkle in Santa's eye! This Shopping-Day Dinner's a Snap. (December 1949) [Lithuanian Butter Pastries, Meadow Gold Oyster Stuffing]


Meadow Gold Buttermilk Recipes (1947)


Meadow Gold Dairy Products Recipes (1949)


Le Beurre, C'est tout! Sunday Breakfast! Mr. Washington would be pleased! (February 1950) [Meadow Gold Butter Biscuits, Scrambled Eggs with Bean Sprouts, Meadow Gold Devils Food Cake]


Cranberry Muffins, Strawberry Whip, Chafing Dish Cheese 'n' Fish (1952)



Classic Recipes from other Beatrice Products


Historical Beatrice Recipes & Brochures




























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