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Welcome to bci360i, where we provide you with end-to-end premier customer service, and ensure that

your business is geared for peak efficiency and quality voice and data networks.


Our Products & Services:     SYSTIMAX Solutions Avaya Business Phone Systems Printer Services & Systems Computer Services & Systems Computer Services & Systems



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SYSTIMAX® eCatalog

Our eCatalog is a reliable source to locate the exact SYSTIMAX®

product you require for your business needs.  Find what you need and we will order it for you.


#1 in optical and RF Solutions for broadband networks at home.

#1 in physical layer infrastructure and in-building wireless solutions for enterprise networks at work.

#1 in radio frequency solutions for wireless networks on the go.

For all your infrastructure needs, connect with CommScope.



What does bci360i do?

-Installation and maintenance of AVAYA® IP Office and Partner phone systems


-Installation and maintenance of structured cabling (voice, video, and data) Cat 5e, Cat 6, coax, security wire, and information outlets


-Bulk Distribution and sales of SYSTIMAX® Structured Connectivity Solutions (SCS) products to business-to-business customers, for North America and international customers


-NEW! Sales, service, and maintenance for IBM Power Servers, and IBM Storage workstations


-NEW! Sales, service, and maintenance for Lexmark

laser printers, dot matrix printers, typewriters and inkjet printers


NEW! Linux Programming and configuration


-NEW! Programming and configuration of UNIX (IBM AIX and MAC OSX) systems


-NEW! Programming and configuration of Linux (CentOS and ubuntu) systems


-NEW! Remote Data Backup Services for business customers


What customers does bci360i serve?


-We cater to medium to large enterprise customers, from grocery stores, institutional facilities, government, retail stores, warehouse facilities, and restaurants.  bci360i is now closely working with the health care industry, which is becoming increasingly reliant on digital information technology


-We also have a strong presence in the bulk sales and distribution of copper wire products for voice and data, which we sell to contractors, and information technology businesses

Resources (AVAYA®)

AVAYA® User Portal


Beatrice Direct On-Line Store

Need to purchase phones, equipment, supplies and other product right now?  Look no further than our very own Beatrice Direct Store, which has what you need.  If you don't see it...we can most likely get it for you.  Nice thing is, we ship all over the planet, so no matter if you are in Europe, Canada, or Asia, we can get you product promptly.  Need bulk product?  We specialize in that also.




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Our Products & Services


Microsoft Windows Migration Service

If you are still running Windows XP, or angry at how Windows 8 performs, and you want to keep your existing laptop or desktop, we can save you hundreds of dollars by migrating your system to the secure and reliable Linux platform.  If you are familiar with the security and reliability of MAC OS X, then you will like Linux.  Linux is by far more secure, reliable and faster with the Internet then Microsoft Windows, and we have customers to prove it.  Read our migration sheet by clicking the blue arrow, and contact us to see how we can get you migrated to Linux.  Finally, enjoy computing without the hassle of viruses, malware, hacking and slow computing.


Technology Update Newsletter

October 1, 2014: Vol I. No. III: Security, Reliability, Functionality!; Linux vs. Windows Viruses; Advantages of Unix; Advantages of Linux.


May 17, 2014: Vol I. No. II: Windows XP Alternative: Ubuntu 14.04 Released; How Safe is The Web Site You Are Visiting?


March 17, 2014: Vol I. No. I: Windows XP Support to End April 8th 2014; Welcome to Pidgin; Block Those Pesky Advertisements on Your Browser.


Bell System Memorial Web Site: 1876-1983

Bell System Memorial

A website created as a memorial to the people, history, technology

and the "Spirit of Service" of what was known as the "Bell System"

prior to 1984.

Career Opportunities

Employment Locator


News Release

December 16, 2013: Beatrice Reorganizes Beatrice Technologies


December 2, 2013: Beatrice Appoints Three New Executive Officers and Opens Beatrice Russia Headquarters


February 20, 2012: Beatrice Companies, Inc. Appoints New Executive Officer to Premier Foods Business Unit





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