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Latin: porticus (f. colonnade, arcade)



Photo: Lobby at 195 Broadway, New York, NY of former American

Telephone & Telegraph Company Headquarters from 1916-1983.


Click HERE to view the Landmarks Preservation Commission

July 25, 2006 report on this historical building.


The Porticus Centre is a unique web site that caters to researchers, universities, professors, trainers, history buffs and former

employees of Beatrice Foods, The Bell System, and Borden Company.  We strive to keep this web site as accurate as possible,

and your feedback is important in helping to keep the information here relevant.


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Beatrice Foods Memorial Home Page

A central archive repository for the history, innovation

and dedication of Beatrice Creamery Co., Beatrice Food Co.,

and later Beatrice Companies, Inc.


Bell System Memorial Home Page

A website created as a memorial to the people,
history, technology and the "Spirit of Service"
of what was known as the "Bell System" prior to 1984.




Borden Company Memorial Home Page

A website created as a memorial to the people,
history, innovation and dedication of what was known as

Borden Company, and later Borden, Inc., prior to April 1994.

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Technology Update Newsletter

June 1, 2015: Vol II. No. II: Beatrice Technologies, Inc. Divests bci360i, and Zyclopz; Wait Less and Act Faster: Infrastructure Matters: POWER8 vs. Xeon x86.


January 1, 2015: Vol II. No. I: Beatrice Technologies, Inc. Will Announce Product & Service Change For Customers; Problem Solved...VirtualBox; Unseen, A secure, Private, and Reliable E-mail Provider; Social Media; DuckDuckGo Search; Introducing zyclopz Internet & Data Services; Want to Know How to Stop Automated (Robocalls)?


October 1, 2014: Vol I. No. III: Security, Reliability, Functionality!; Linux vs. Windows Viruses; Advantages of Unix; Advantages of Linux.


May 17, 2014: Vol I. No. II: Windows XP Alternative: Ubuntu 14.04 Released; How Safe is The Web Site You Are Visiting?


March 17, 2014: Vol I. No. I: Windows XP Support to End April 8th 2014; Welcome to Pidgin; Block Those Pesky Advertisements on Your Browser.


News Release

April 28, 2016: Porticus Uploads Legacy Recipes


April 27, 2016: Beatrice Launches Updated Website


February 3, 2016: Beatrice Launches New, Updated Retirement & Benefits Information Manual (January 2016 Version)


January 27, 2016: Beatrice Appoints Daniel Engler as New Chief Administration Officer (CAO)


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