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General Offices: Correspondence


Beatrice Companies, Inc.

Attn: General Inquiries

PO Box 7724

Phoenix, AZ 85011-7724



Beatrice Retirement & Benefits Information Manual


Comprehensive manual for current and former Beatrice employees.  This manual contains

key contacts for life insurance, retirement benefits, and stock certificates.


Manual Updated Novemberober 2015

BI42145- Beatrice Retirement & Benefits Information


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*Beatrice Canada Retirement Benefit Information


Parmalat Canada

405 The West Mall
10th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M9C 5J1



(416) 626-1973


*Beatrice Canada is a trademark of Paramlat Canada, and no longer associated with Beatrice Companies, Inc. in the U.S.A.


Beatrice Retirement Benefit Information


If you worked for Beatrice Companies, Inc. from 2007 onward, and you would like to inquire about your benefits and retirement plan, please click on the Wells Fargo icon.  You will be directed to enter your Username and Password.


Beatrice Company Retirement Benefit Information


If you were employed by any of the previously owned Beatrice companies, we have compiled a list of current contact information to help assist you in locating your pension benefits. We strive to keep this information as accurate as possible.


If you worked for Beatrice Company, (La Choy, Rosarita, Swiss Miss, Hunt's, Wesson, Gebhardt, Reddi-Whip, Hunt-Wesson Foods, or Esmark, Inc.) prior to August 1990, you would need to contact ConAgra Retirement Services. ConAgra, Inc. acquired the legal entity called Beatrice Company in 1990, which is not the same entity as Beatrice Foods Co. or Beatrice Companies, Inc. Beatrice Company, which came into being in September 1987, and comprised Beatrice/Hunt-Wesson, Inc., Beatrice Cheese, Inc., and Swift-Eckrich, Inc.  There are also instances where your retirement plan from another Beatrice subsidiary that was sold prior to ConAgra taking ownership may still be administered by ConAgra. Contact the current owner of the former Beatrice subsidiary and see if you are in their retirement account system, and then contact ConAgra.


ConAgra Retirement Services
PO Box 991
Deerfield, IL 60015-0991


(800) 828-EASY (3279)

(800) 872-2257


ConAgra Foods, Inc.

1 ConAgra Drive

Omaha, NE 68102-5003


(402) 240-4000



If you owned Beatrice Foods Company stock, you would need to contact ConAgra Investor Services.


Investor Relations

(for analyst/investor inquiries)

(402) 240-4154

Stock Transfer Agent

(individual shareholder account matters)

A transfer agent is an agency appointed by a corporation to maintain shareowner records, including, purchases, sales and account balances, and to resolve issues regarding certificates.

Wells Fargo Shareowner Services
161 N Concord Exchange
PO Box 64856
Saint Paul, MN 55164-0856


(800) 214-0349


If the transfer agent is unable to answer your questions, please contact ConAgra directly at (402) 240-4005.


Beatrice Life Insurance Benefit Information


If you had invested in a life insurance contract, there were a few companies or legal contacts that Beatrice had used, and we have listed them here.  If you still have your original paperwork

relating to your insurance policy, it will have the insurer listed.



The following will help with inquiries regarding policies originally issued by The Mutual Life Insurance Company (“Mutual Benefit”).


Mutual Benefit was placed in rehabilitation under the supervision of the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance on July 16,1991. Mutual Benefit’s in-force policies were transferred to MBL Life Assurance Corporation (“MBL Life”), effective May 1, 1994. Mutual Benefit was ultimately liquidated and dissolved, effective June 14, 2001.


Subsequent to 1994, all former Mutual Benefit policies were administered by MBL Life pursuant to a Plan of Rehabilitation approved by the Superior Court of New Jersey (the “Court”). In 1998, MBL Life entered in to various transactions under which policy liabilities were transferred to other insurers. Each transaction was duly approved by the Court and filed with governing State Insurance Departments.

Ultimately, an Order For Liquidation of MBL Life was entered, effective January, 2000. An Order For Dissolution was ordered by the court on October 22, 2004.


If the policy referenced in the inquiry was in force at the time of the applicable 1998 transaction, it was automatically transferred to one of the following insurers (depending on the type of policy):


Individual Life Insurance Contracts:

AIG SunAmerica Life Assurance Company (formerly, Anchor National Life Insurance Company) (Non-New York State Policyholders) First SunAmerica Life Insurance Company (News York State Policyholders)

c/o Liberty Insurance Services


(800) 821-7887



Individual Annuity Contracts:

AIG SunAmerica Life Assurance Company (formerly, Anchor National Life Insurance Company) (Non-New York State Policyholders)

First SunAmerica Life Insurance Company (News York State Policyholders)

c/o AIG Annuity

(888) 333-2349



Group Annuity (Pension) Contracts:

c/o SunAmerica Financial Services

(888) 502-0600



Disability Insurance Contracts:

AIG SunAmerica Life Assurance Company (formerly, Anchor National Life Insurance Company) (Non-New York State Policyholders)

First SunAmerica Life Insurance Company (News York State Policyholders)

c/o Insurance Servicing Center


(800) 743-0122


Please contact the applicable insurer for a response to the inquiry. (With regard to Group Annuity Contracts, participants inquiring about contracts issued under a pension plan may also seek additional information from either the Company personnel department or the Plan Administrator).


If the policy or contract was not in force on the date of the applicable transaction, either (i) it had lapsed, (ii) it was surrendered for value, (iii) the proceeds had been previously distributed pursuant to the terms of the policy or (iv) the proceeds had been transferred to another insurer and the election of the contract holder. If any of these events occurred, the policy has terminated and there are no available records which will provide additional information.


*Source: State of New Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance


CT Corporation (Legal Contact for select plans)
208 S La Salle St
Chicago, IL


(312) 263-1414



Sun Life Financial
PO Box 9106
Wellesley Hills, MA 02481-9106


(800) 862-6266



*Life Insurance Company of North America  (Now part of CIGNA)
Two Liberty Place

Philadelphia, PA 19192-0001


(215) 761-1000


*Cigna sold most of their life insurance business in 1997 to Lincoln Financial Group, so you

may need to contact them if CIGNA is unable to assist.


Lincoln Financial Group

(800) 487-1485



Western National Life Insurance Company (Now American International Group, Inc.) [AIG]

205 East 10th Avenue

Amarillo, TX 79101-3507


(800) 346-7692 or (877) 672-1648




In some instances, you may need to contact ConAgra Foods, Inc., as they are the company that purchased Beatrice Company in 1990, and may have further information relating to life insurance policies that Beatrice Foods/Beatrice Companies had participated in.


ConAgra Foods, Inc.

1 ConAgra Drive

Omaha, NE 68102-5003


(402) 240-4000



Aunt Nellie's Farm Kitchens


Having been part of E-II Holdings in 1987, which was the spin-off of Beatrice, Aunt Nellie's was purchased in 1997 by Seneca Foods, from Pillsbury.


Seneca Foods Corporation
3736 South Main Street

Marion, NY 14505-9751

(315) 926-8100



Martha White


Having been part of E-II Holdings in 1987, which was the spin-off of Beatrice, Martha White was sold in 1989, then was purchased by Pillsbury in 1994, and as of 2005, Martha White is owned by The J.M. Smucker Co.


The J.M. Smucker Co.
1 Strawberry Lane
Orrville, Ohio 44667-0280

(330) 682-3000



Beatreme Food Ingredients


Having been part of E-II Holdings in 1987, which was the spin-off of Beatrice, Beatreme was purchased in 1988 by Kerry Group plc.


Kerry Group plc
Prince’s Street
County Kerry

+353 66 7182000



Fisher Nuts


Having been sold to Proctor & Gamble in 1989, John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc. purchased the Fisher Nut business in 1995.


Corporate Office
1703 North. Randall Road
Elgin, IL 60123-7820

(847) 289-1800



Swift & Company (Beatrice Meats, Inc.)


ConAgra purchased Swift in 1988 and the remainder of the Beatrice Meats business in 1990, and as of 2007 the Swift & Company product line is now owned by JBS S.A.


JBS Corporate Office
1770 Promontory Circle

Greeley, CO 80634-9039

(970) 506-8000



Eckrich Meats (Beatrice Meats, Inc.)


With the ConAgra purchase of the remainder of Beatrice Meats (Eckrich) in 1990, this product line is now owned by Smithfield Foods, Inc.


Smithfield Foods, Inc.
200 Commerce Street

Smithfield, VA 23430-1204

(757) 365-3000



Butterball (Beatrice Meats, Inc.)


As part of the Beatrice Meats purchase, ConAgra also acquired Butterball, which Smithfield Foods, Inc. acquired, and then sold to Seaboard Corporation in 2010.


Seaboard Corporation
Corporate Headquarters
9000 West 67th Street, Suite 200
Merriam, KS

(913) 676-8800



Beatrice Cheese, Inc.


ConAgra purchased Beatrice Cheese, Inc (County Line, Pauly, Treasure Cave) in 1990, and then sold the business unit to DCI Cheese Company, which is now owned by Fairmount Food Group, LLC.  If you are unable to get resolution from the Fairmount Food Group, contact ConAgra Corporate directly.


Fairmount Food Group, LLC.
2100 McKinney Avenue, Suite 1805

Dallas, TX 75201-2111

(214) 922-8959


ConAgra Foods, Inc.

1 ConAgra Drive

Omaha, NE 68102-5003


(402) 240-4000



Beatrice Dairy Products, Inc.


Beatrice Dairy Products, Inc. (Viva Low Fat Milk, Meadow Gold, Louis Sherry Ice Cream) was purchased by Borden, Inc. in 1986, and is now part of Dean Foods as of 1998.


Dean Foods

2711 North Haskell Avenue, Suite 3400
Dallas, TX 75204-2928

(214) 303-3400



Tropicana Products, Inc.


PepsiCo purchased Tropicana in 1998.


The PepsiCo Savings & Retirement Center at Fidelity
PO Box 770003
Cincinnati, OH 45277-0065

(800) 632-2014



John Sexton & Company


S.E. Rykoff purchased John Sexton & Company in 1983, and is now called U.S. Food Service.


U.S. Food Service

9399 West Higgins Road
Rosemont, IL 60018-6900

(877) 583.9659





The following is a listing of non-food businesses that Beatrice Foods Company owned in the 1970's and early 1980's, and it is recommended to contact the appropriate entity that now owns the former division you once worked for when you were with Beatrice.


Beatrice Chemical Division

-Performance Chemicals (Polyvinyl, Stahl, Imperial Oil & Grease, Converts Ink [CONCO], and Farboil).

-Plastics and Coatings (Fibreite Composites, Liquid Nitrogen Processing, Fibreite Moldings, Dri-Print Foils, and Standard Dry Wall THORO).


Imperial Chemical Industries, PLC purchased Beatrice Chemicals in 1985, and as of 2007, Imperial is now owned by Akzo Nobel.


Akzo Nobel Chemicals
12900 Bay Park Road
Pasadena, TX 77507-1104


Akzo Nobel Head Office
Strawinskylaan 2555
1077 ZZ Amsterdam


(281) 291 2500 (US)

+31 20 502 7555 (Netherlands)



Airstream Inc.


Airstream Inc.
419 West Pike Street
PO Box 629
Jackson Center, OH 45334-0629

(877) 596-6111



Culligan International Company


Having been part of E-II Holdings in 1987, which was the spin-off of Beatrice, Culligan was then spun off in 1995.  As of 2003, Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, LLC owns Culligan.


Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, LLC

375 Park Avenue Floor 18

New York, NY 10152-1899

(212) 407 5200



International Playtex, Inc.


International Playtex, Inc. (Playtex Living Gloves, Almay and Jhirmack).  Sold to Drexel Burnham Lambert, and Playtex company executives in 1986.  As of 2007, Playtex is now part of Energizer Holdings.


Energizer Holdings

533 Maryville University
Saint Louis, MO 63141-5801

(800) 383-7323



Morgan Yacht Company


Morgan Yacht Company was sold to Catalina Yachts in 1984.


Catalina Yachts

21200 Victory Boulevard
Woodland Hills, CA 91367-2522

(800) 383-7323



Beatrice Agri-Products Division


(Regal Packer By-Products, Western By-Products, Colorado By-Products, Utah By-Products, Vigortone, Pfister & Vogel Tanning Co.).


Vigortone Ag Products
10 Collective Way
PO Box 69
Brookville, OH 45309-8878

(800) 383-7323



Brillion Iron Works, Inc.


In 1985, Beatrice sells Brillion to the Robins Group.  As of 2007, Brillion is now owned by Accuride Company.


Brillion Iron Works, Inc.

200 Park Avenue
Brillion, WI 54110-1145

(920) 756-6341



E.R. Moore Co.


Oak Hall Industries
PO Box 1078
Salem, VA 24153-1078

(800) 223-0429
(920) 756-6341



Charmglow Grills


The Brinkmann Corporation
4215 McEwen Road
Dallas, TX 75244-5202

(800) 468-5252



Beatrice Specialty Products


(Bloomfield Industries, Taylor Freezer, World Dryer, Wells Manufacturing, Market Forge).


United Technologies Corporation

United Technologies Building
1 Financial Plaza Floor 24
Hartford, CT 06103-2619

(860) 728-7000


For new equipment sales or for parts on existing Taylor Freezer equipment, contact Beatrice Distribution.



JH Rhodes Company, Inc.


JH Rhodes Company, Inc. Headquarters
4809 West Thistle Landing Drive, Suite 100

Phoenix, AZ 85044-6498

(480) 346-7064



Pet Specialties, Inc.


Having been part of E-II Holdings in 1987, which was the spin-off of Beatrice, the Pet Specialties business, which included Advanced Nutrition Formula, is now owned by Texas Farm Products Company.


Texas Farm Products Company

915 South Fredonia Street
Nacogdoches, TX 75964-5913

(936) 564-3711



Bonkers Cat Food & Treats


Having been part of the Martha White portfolio of products within E-II Holdings in 1987, which was the spin-off of Beatrice, the Bonkers product line changed ownership several times, and as of 2007, is owned by Mars Pet Care US, Inc.


Mars Pet Care US, Inc.

315 Cool Springs Boulevard
Franklin TN  37067-1632

(615) 807-4626



Melnor Industries


Melnor, Inc.

260 West Brooke Road
Winchester, VA 22603-5415

(540) 722-5600



Hart Ski

(970) 209-4604



Samsonite Corporation


Having been part of E-II Holdings in 1987, which was the spin-off of Beatrice, Samsonite's parent company, E-II became Astrum International in 1993, and then spun off the Samsonite business in 1995.  As of 2007, Samsonite is now owned by Capital Partners Ltd.


Brunswick Group LLC

140 East 45th Street Floor 30
New York, NY 10017-7150

(212) 333 3810



Harmon International Industries


Corporate Headquarters
Harman International
400 Atlantic Street
Stamford, CT 06901-3512

(203) 328-3500



Snowco, Inc.


Having been part of Beatrice Foods, and sold in the early 1980's, Snowco was purchased by Kuker Industries, Inc. in 1987.


Corporate Headquarters

13709 Industrial Road
Omaha, NE  68137-1129

(402) 895-3050



LouverDrape, Inc.


Having been part of E-II Holdings in 1987, which was the spin-off of Beatrice, LouverDrape is now part of Levolor, a business unit of Newell Rubbermaid.


Newell Rubbermaid
3 Glenlake Parkway North East
Atlanta, GA 30328-3447

(770) 418-7000



Stiffel Lamp Company


Having been part of E-II Holdings in 1987, which was the spin-off of Beatrice.  As of 2000, Stiffel is now part of Salton, Inc.


Salton, Inc.
37 Market Street

Kenilworth, NJ 07033-1761

(908) 245-4766



Termicold Corporation


In December 1986, Americold was purchased by a private group consisting of affiliates of Kelso & Company, Inc. certain institutional investors, and certain key employees and members of Americold's management.


Americold Corporation
10 Glenlake Parkway North East, Suite 800

Atlanta, GA 30328-7250

(678) 441-1400




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