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Through innovation, research, and development, Beatrice has created some unique products that have evolved into highly respected and trusted brands that consumers rely upon, for their quality and high attention to detail, in both appearance and flavour.





Tarasov Herbal Dressing is a unique blend of herbs, maple syrup, expeller pressed canola oil, organic cayenne pepper and apple cider vinegar to name just a few of the delicious ingredients that will tantalize your taste buds.  Tarasov Herbal Dressing has many uses other than just for use on salads.  you can use this dressing in place of traditional meat flavouring enhancers, or as a marinade on vegan or meat products.  The energy and vitality that Tarasov Herbal Dressing provides your body is second to none.



Originally created by Arthur "Art" Tarasoff in 1981 for his personal use at home, in an effort to prepare more home based nutritional foods and to avoid the highly processed foods that was standard at grocery stores.  In 2008, Tarasov Herbal Dressing became a product of Beatrice Foods.  Beatrice intends to re-launch Tarasov first quarter of 2017, after a twelve year absence from store shelves.  Tarasov Herbal Dressing will still adhere to the original tradition of quality that was outlined by Art Tarasoff.



















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