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At Beatrice, we believe in doing our part to help the environment.  It has been a long process to ensure that everything is done correctly, from product packaging, sales and order forms, as well as the office-recycling program.  Below are just a few ways how we are doing our part.


Product Packaging


Careful consideration is given when new products are formulated at Beatrice, and this especially is true for the packaging aspect.  Recyclable and recycled materials are always chosen in the production of any Beatrice product, whether it is shipping cartons or containers, Beatrice makes sure that the materials used are of a recyclable nature and can be recycled by most recycling centers.  The use of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) #6, which is what packing peanuts are made of are not allowed for packaging and shipping at Beatrice.  If we do receive this material from our vendors, we either try and reuse it, but never throw it in general trash, as this material is not readily accepted at recycling facilities.


Beatrice Technologies also plays a major factor in recycling, with the recycling of various old technology products located at a customer premises.  We will also recycle old copper cabling, cardboard, and plastic bags that patch cords and computer equipment is wrapped in.  Nothing gets thrown in a generic dumpster.  If no recycling is present at customer premises, we will haul it away ourselves and use our own recycling system.



Office Recycling


Employees at Beatrice participate in the company recycling program and are encouraged not to waste paper.  Separate bins are installed in Beatrice offices: Blue for recyclable materials, and gray for non-recyclable materials.  This program has become very successful with employees and has created awareness to our environment and surroundings.



Business Forms


To help eliminate paper waste and printing costs, most of the new business forms used for purchase orders, sales orders and other internal forms are now produced and stored in Adobe Acrobat™, which is a document production program used primarily for paperless forms.




™Adobe Acrobat is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.




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