Company History

Originally founded as Haskell and Bosworth in 1894 by George Everett Haskell and William W. Bosworth in Beatrice, Nebraska, and later incorporated in Lincoln, Nebraska as The Beatrice Creamery Company in 1898, the company changed its name to Beatrice Foods Co. in 1946 to reflect the change from primarily dairy foods to grocery products. At the 87th annual meeting of Beatrice stockholders on June 5th, 1984, stockholders of record were asked to change the name of the company. “Recognizing this clear departure from the past, we are proposing a new name for the company. At our annual meeting in June, stockholders will be asked to change the name to Beatrice Companies, Inc. from Beatrice Foods Co. This change is appropriate given the company’s evolution and present composition. It reflects Beatrice’s wide range of separate and distinct businesses, many with operations totally unrelated to food processing, yet retains the company’s goodwill and reputation for quality products and services.” Annual Report, February 29, 1984.

To this day, we are still known as Beatrice Companies, Inc., with varied business units.

Beatrice Archives (The Porticus Centre)

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Beatrice From Buildup Through Breakup