Company Profile

Beatrice Interactive Media, Inc. purpose is to maintain our interest in the Ink’d Social ( brand.

Beatrice Interactive Media, Inc. maintains the social media platform, allowing original content distribution, streaming journalistic media, all on a secure and reliable platform. Our slogan is “The Best Place to be”.

Originally Dedicated to a politically conservative audience, is a social network platform that is here to help combat the oligarchy social media conglomerates that have dominance, and give conservatives a voice that they will not have to worry about being silenced, or shadow banned.  We do allow all to join who want to participate in a discourse, reminiscent of the ancient Athenian democracy, or Roman Republic, where the forums were used to discuss politics, philosophy, and other ideas.

What We Do

  • Social media platform
  • Produce original journalistic content, which includes films
  • Allow an outlet for journalists to showcase their research on our social media platform

Our Customers

  • Social media enthusiasts
  • Businesses, and charities for our business directory listings
  • Journalists
  • Politicians
  • Advertisers