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Please Note:  Minor additions, modifications or deletions may occur on this website from time to time without such action published on this page.



March 21, 2016


1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1993 annual reports and associated proxies have been added.  Also, the 1994 Form 10-K has been added, in addition to the 135 page Offering Circular/Prospectus that was to swap shares of Borden, Inc. for RJR Holdings Corp., which KKR had owned.  This is a very in-depth document, and details every point of the the proposed KKR acquisition of Borden, Inc.  The Offering Circular/Prospectus took us a full day to scan, and is completely searchable through you PDF reader programme, and is quite interesting to read the various details.



March 8, 2016


After going through our extensive archives, we were able to locate numerous Borden annual and quarterly reports, and we have been acquiring older reports to add to our archives, and quickly scanning them and making them freely available to our digital archives for research.  1979, 1986, 1987, and 1988 have been added, and our goal is to scan and digitize reports up to 1995 from Borden.  After 1995, there are no longer any reports available, as Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR) acquired Borden in the fourth quarter 1994.  Click here to view the September 1994 news article.



July 6, 2015


Today, the Borden Archives, formerly known as the Borden Memorial web site, has finally received the attention that it was due.  Since the launch of The Porticus centre in 2003, the only two parts of our historical archives sections that were given much notice were; The Bell System Memorial, and Beatrice Foods Memorial (now Beatrice Archives).  Borden never did get much attention until we started to go through our archives and decided that it was time to upgrade the Borden site, and add more documents.


Our staff has spent the past week scanning and archiving many documents that have not been seen in decades, and we hope that those of you familiar with Borden will appreciate what we have done so far.  We are missing some items, like news letters, annual reports, and other printed material.  We are trying to preserve what we can, and if you, or anyone you know that has a stash of Borden material, let us know.


Our site has gone through so much change, and to experience all that we have done, simply explore the links to the left.  Certain links will not function, such as "Borden History", "Elsie & Elmer", and "Testimonials & Member Site".  These have not been setup yet, but will notify you on this page of any new developments.


Click HERE to go to read the official News Release from The Porticus Centre on the launching of the Borden Archives.














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