Most Secure Mobile Communication Solution

As the sole provider for the Bittium SafeMove VPN Service with Secure Suite in North America, Beatrice Technologies has become a reliable partner with companies and professionals that require simple, yet highly effective means of secure communication, which you as a customer can decide how secure, and what level of security is required for your particular need.  With the Beatrice redundant secure transportation method, in conjunction with the Bittium SafeMove VPN Service, we employ dual layer security for transporting your voice, video, web, and SMS (text) messages when you use the Secure Call (dual boot), which is unique to our offering.  Inquire for more details, and a sales specialist will be glad to assist.

New Tough Mobile 2C

Original Tough Mobile C

Bittium Tough Mobile dual-boot with Two operating systems and total data separation in the same device.


Bittium Tough Mobile C is a smartphone based mobile communication solution providing government agencies, authorities and enterprises the highest level of privacy and security.

The solution protects sensitive data at rest on the smartphone, data in transit and enables remote management of the device fleet. This is done by combining the dual-boot variant of Bittium Tough Mobile™ smartphone with the Bittium Secure Suite™ device management and encryption software that provides a full set of services for a secure communications. This combination is the world’s first smartphone based solution certified for CONFIDENTIAL level classified data (NCSA-FI).

Bittium Tough Mobile Dual-Boot

Bittium Tough Mobile’s dual-boot version provides two completely separate operating systems with full data separation in the same device

  • Personal use with hardened Android, where e.g. social media applications are freely available
  • Confidential use with Bittium Secure OS, allowing demanding authority and  use cases

The user himself can switch between the two operating systems.

For secure access to the Bittium Secure OS, a dual authentication with a PIN/password and an NFC token* is required.

Android is a trademark of Google LLC
*Yubikey NEO by Yubico

Security Built in Layers

  • Data at rest protected with world’s most secure mobile platform, Bittium Tough Mobile. Security is integrated deep within the hardware and source code to prevent extraction of data.
  • Data in transit protected with Bittium Secure Suite. Encrypted network traffic, mobile device management and mobile application management.
  • Guaranteed device integrity is provided by manufacturing Bittium Tough Mobile in a controlled production line in Finland and ensuring verified device integrity throughout its life cycle.

Data at Rest Protected: Sensitive data protected in the world’s most secure mobile platform, Bittium Tough Mobile. Security integrated deep within the hardware to prevent extraction of data.

Certified Security: Bittium Tough Mobile C is the first smartphone based mobile communication solution in the world certified for CONFIDENTIAL level classified data (NCSA-FI).

Data in Transit Protected: Data transmission always secured with secure mobile VPN included in the Bittium Secure Suite back-end solution.

Control Over the Device Fleet: Control over the device fleet with the Bittium Secure Suite back-end solution.

Guaranteed Device Integrity: Bittium Tough Mobile is manufactured in Finland in a controlled production line, and the device integrity can be verified throughout its life cycle.

Personal & Professional Use with the Same Device: Ease of use and flexibility with two operating systems in one device: hardened Android for personal use and Bittium Secure OS for confidential data and communications.

Solution Overview

Bittium Tough Mobile C solution creates a network-wide secure zone that provides encrypted access to your organization’s confidential data and services. This secure zone can be deployed either on public internet or private network as the solution has no dependency on the public internet services. It can be hosted entirely by your organization, according to the security standards of your premises and without any backdoors.

Bittium Made the World’s Most Secure Smartphone Even More Secure

Bittium – Connectivity to be trusted

Bittium Tough Mobile C is FirstNet Ready

Beatrice Technologies is partnered with Bittium to offer not only the Bittium Tough Mobile smartphones, but the full Bittium Secure Suite with VPN.  Our network has been enhanced with further security to ensure that your private communications remain private.  We offer professional and personalized service for your business or organization, and we here at Beatrice are dedicated to ensuring that your needs are met. If you are serious about having a secure and reliable communications platform, and do not want to rely on unreliable and untrustworthy third-party messaging apps, the Bittium Tough Mobile C smartphone with our added enhancements will be the most secure smartphone you will ever own, and you can rest assured that your communications are going to be intercepted. The Bittium Tough Mobile smartphones are also hardened where it is virtually impossible to clone the IMEI, or SIM, and the Bittium Tough Mobile smartphones will not allow so-called rouge cell towers to connect. Can your phone do all this?  Also, our solution is hosted in a secure and hardened facility to ensure continuous and reliable secure communications for your business and organization.  Beatrice Technologies is here to be your secure communication provider.  Beatrice Technologies has invested in systems resources and hardware infrastructure for security and redundancy, ensuring that your Bittium Secure calls are always there for you.

The Bittium Tough Mobile C is compatible in most countries mobility systems, and when you, or your organization uses these devices on our secure hosting platform, you have the assurance that no matter where you are on the planet with mobile cell data service, you will get the Bittium Secure Suite with VPN.

If you are a FirstNet participant, the Bittium Tough Mobile C smartphone is the perfect solution that is the ideal communication device for your agency.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, Bittium Tough Mobile C smartphone, with Bittium Secure Suite with VPN is the smartest choice you can make, and is robust as well as secure.

Security is indeed a real concern and that is what we address with the Beatrice/Bittium solution. There are multiple defense mechanisms; the Privacy Mode, (disabling the audio hardware, camera and Bluetooth) being one of them, which is done through the Mobile Device Management (SafeMove VPN). We can also set policies for allowed and non-allowed use of wireless systems, and device peripherals. The Bittium devices have passed rigorous international security certifications, and coupled with Beatrice back-end solutions, we have the most secure mobile devices in the market place.

Bittium Corporation (Nasdaq Helsinki: BITTI)

Bittium Corporation
Ritaharjuntie 1
FI-90590 Oulu, Finland

Tel. +358 40 344 2000 (Finland)
Tel: +1 425 780 4480 (USA)

Ordering information:

Call 888-782-3820 ext. 3801

Bittium Customers Served

-General Contractors
-Legal Profession (Lawyers, Process Servers, Judges)
-First Responders – FirstNet
-Financial industry
-Lodging Industry
-Government Agencies
-Health Care Industry
-Charities & Non-Profits
-Telecom industry

Equipment Pricing

Beatrice Technologies offers two different versions of the Bittium Smartphone; Bittium Tough Mobile Smartphone C, Bittium Tough Mobile Smartphone, and the Bittium Tough Mobile 2. Both employ the VPN service for security, however the main difference is that the Bittium Tough Mobile Smartphone C comes with the dual boot operating system for secure, and hardened communications, and the Bittium Tough Mobile Smartphone is the slimmed down version that has just the Android operating system. The newer model, the Tough Mobile 2 has Google apps removed for enhanced security, so no Google spying and tracking, compared to other traditional Android devices which force users to enter in their Google account to make the phone work. All devices allow the central distribution of approved mobile apps, which prevents users from installing unapproved apps onto devices.

9404169 Bittium Tough Mobile Smartphone C (Dual Boot OS)
9404450 Bittium Tough Mobile 2
†9404475 Bittium Tough Mobile 2 (Non-GMS) [Google free device]
9404554 Bittium Tough Mobile 2 C (Dual Boot OS)
9404528 Bittium Tough Mobile 2 Protective Case

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Monthly Service: Bittium SafeMove VPN Service with Secure Suite

remote access solution provides always-on, secure and seamless connectivity for mobile workers. With the SafeMove ® Mobile VPN, all field workers can enjoy hassle-free, zero-click access to the best available network wherever their work takes them.

Rate per device – (Call for Pricing)

*LTE carrier service is still required for connectivity, and this is the responsibility of end-user, and carrier of choice can be used.
±Optional for Bittium Tough Mobile 2 Smartphones. The Secure Call and Secure Suite are automatically included on the Bittium Tough Mobile Smartphone C.

†More secure, but limited functionality with no Google Play Store etc., which prevents Google from performing any tracking and storing of personal information.

Monthly Service: The Bittium SafeMove Mobile VPN

Bittium Secure Suite with VPN is how our devices operate. The billing is annual per device, and no need for extended contracts, that simple. Our service is value added, and you are getting rst-rate secure communications on your own virtual server on the Bittium Secure Suite with VPN. Remember, you will still need to keep your existing mobile carrier for LTE communications, which is separate from Beatrice Technologies billing.

Rate per device – $191.88 ($15.99 per month, billed annually)