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Through innovation, research, and development, Beatrice has created some unique products that have evolved into highly respected and trusted brands that consumers rely upon, for their quality and high attention to detail, in both appearance and flavour.

Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery Magazine – October 9, 2018
Beatrice Foods Co. Classy Crisps Butter Crunch popcorn


100% Natural and delicious, Beatrice Snacks uses only quality ingredients in each batch of our gourmet popped corn. Classy Crisps Gourmet Popped Corn comes in four distinct flavours. Caramel corn, with a rich buttery flavour, chocolate corn, Apple Fresh! apple cinnamon corn, and cheese corn. When you try Classy Crisps Gourmet Popped Corn, you can’t resist the full flavour.  Also, try our new Butter Crunch flavour, which is simply outstanding, and has received rave reviews from our customers.


Since 1992, Napasada has been producing quality popped corn snacks. Originally, known as Dewey’s Gourmet Popped corn, the brand went through a name change in 2000 to reflect a more unique name. In 2007, Napasada became a product of Beatrice Snack Products, and now goes by the name of Classy Crisps Gourmet Popped Corn.

With our new packaging refresh, which debuted in summer of 2019, we added some unique humorous imaging, and each bag has its own story. Popcorn should be a fun snack, which is why we wanted that to reflect on our new labels!

Apple Cinnamon Corn
SKU: 754852-02000
Weight: 289g/10.2oz
Apple Fresh Cinnamon Corn Nutrition Facts

Caramel Corn
SKU: 754852-01000
Weight: 289g/10.2oz
Caramel Corn Nutrition Facts

Chocolate Corn
SKU: 754852-03000
Weight: 297g/10.5oz
Chocolate Corn Nutrition Facts

Cheese Corn
SKU: 754852-03000
Weight: 104g/3.7oz
Cheese Corn Nutrition Facts

Butter Crunch Corn
SKU: 754852-16000
Weight: 289g/10.2oz
Cheese Corn Nutrition Facts