Company profile

The Porticus mission is to bring to the public, historical documents that have not been seen in many years, or have been relegated to the dustbin of history. We carefully scan each document using the highest quality scan possible so that the documents can be printed by the end user, which could be used for educational purposes. Our goal is make all of our materials freely accessible to all who wish to further enrich their minds. Like ancient Greece and Rome, where people could share ideas in open forums, The Porticus Centre welcomes contributions, ideas, suggestions and even submissions that could help in the archival of historical documentation and it’s accessibility to the public.

Though The Porticus Centre originally started off as simply archiving Bell System and Beatrice Foods historical documents, our aim is to expand this to all businesses that wish to preserve and showcase their unique and diverse history for future generations. Virtually no company or organization has a central portal for all aspects of various documents like we have, and for past employees and family members to share their stories and materials.

At Porticus, we welcome your ideas and suggestions. We are also looking for materials to help fill in the gaps in some of our historical documents for both Beatrice and the Bell System. If you happen to know of anyone that had once worked for either entity, and that would happen to have annual reports or other public financial documents, please let us know. We would gladly accept scanned images from either company. It’s basically a race against time, because people just throw most of these items away and only just so many copies were ever printed. With our digital archiving, these

reports will be accessible to everyone who has access to a computer. The Porticus Centre has received numerous donated photos, reports, and other rare documents that would have otherwise been thrown away. Our team carefully preserves these items, and we scan and digitize these images and chronologically archive them on our site. This makes The Porticus Centre a one-of-a-kind site where the general public not only shares in our information, but they endeavor to contribute to it as well.

What We Do

  • Archive and digitize historical documents from companies for archival purposes
  • Make readily available on The Porticus Centre all of our documents
  • Accept valuable input and contributions from former Beatrice Foods, Borden Company, and Bell System employees or their decedents
  • The Porticus Centre is also the official repository for our parent company, Beatrice Companies, Inc., in which we catalog and archive all past, present and future business documents, ranging from product packaging, financial documents, business meeting minutes, video and audio recordings, and also stationery samples

Our Customers

  • Universities and other learning institutions
  • Business training departments
  • Historians
  • Researchers
  • Phone companies
  • Shareowner services
  • Human resource departments
  • Retirement services
  • Global Government Agencies
  • Book Publishers
  • Film Studios
  • Equipment Manufacturers