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The following links are ideal for further in-depth research on the companies that Porticus has historical information about. The links provided are not sponsored or associated with Porticus and are for reference purposes only.

Bell System Memorial References

AT&T History

Antique Telephones brought to life for modern use

Bell Canada

A History of Telephone Communication

Bell Ringers

Bell Telephone Laboratories History

Bell Telephone Laboratories Timeline

Bell Telephone Pavilion: 1964/1965 New York World’s Fair

Canada Says Hello: The First Century of the Telephone

A Tribute to Telephone Central Offices and the AT&T Long Lines Microwave Network of California

North American Data Communications Museum

Physical Sciences & Communications at Bell Labs

Telephone EXchange Name Project

The Microwave Radio and Coaxial Cable Networks of the Bell System


Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

Omaha Works

The History of Telephone Communication

Borden Archives References

American Dairy Brands

Meadow Gold (Dean Foods Company)

Meadow Gold (Dean Foods Company)

Elmers Glue

Borden Chemical Inc