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Delicious and nutritious mealtime recipes from Beatrice Cooke, and Other Classic Beatrice Products!


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Classic Beatrice Cheese Recipes


County Line Cheese Recipes (1985)



Classic Beatrice Meats Recipes


Round The Clock Recipes with Beatrice Meats (1985)

Butterball, Eckrich, Swift Premium Home Style Cooking Recipes (1988)



Classic Butterball Recipes


Butterball Classic Recipes (1986)

Butterball Create a Classic Recipes (1986)

Butterball Roasting Instructions (1983)

Butterball Young Turkey Preparation Instructions (1987)

Butterball Savor The Holiday Spirit Year Round (1987)

Butterball Dependably Juicy and Tender Recipes (1988)

Butterball Creates Family Traditions (1988)

Butterball Welcomes The Family Home Recipes (1989)



Classic Fisher Nuts Recipes


Fisher Simply NUTritious Recipes (1983)



Classic Gebhardt Recipes


Gebhardt's Mexican Recipes



Classic Hunt's Recipes


Hunt's Tomato Paste 20 Foreign Recipes

Hunt's Tomato Sauces Recipes

Hunt's Country Good Recipes

The Hunt's Plan, No Salt Added Recipes

Hunt's Manwich 50 Famous Recipes

Hunt's for The Best Tasting Recipes



Classic La Choy Recipes


La Choy: The Art and Secrets of Chinese Cookery (1942)

La Choy: The Art and Secrets of Chinese Cookery (1949)

La Choy: The Art and Secrets of Chinese Cookery (1959)

La Choy: The Art and Secrets of Chinese Cookery (1962)

La Choy: 10 Best Chinese Food Recipes National Recipe Contest (1962)

The La Choy Collection of Favorite Oriental Recipes (1984)



Classic Martha White Recipes


Martha White The Cookie Collection Recipes

Martha White A Family Christmas

Martha White About Muffins

Martha White Bake A Cake For Christmas Sake

Martha White Basically Biscuits

Martha White Christmas Cookie Recipes

Martha White Classic Cakes

Martha White Holiday Open House

Martha White Holiday Traditions

Martha White Holiday TimeSavers

Martha White Scandinavian Christmas

Martha White The Brunswick Bake Shop

Martha White 7 Southern Suppers

Martha White Cobblers

Martha White Easy Baking

Martha White Linda's Loaves

Martha White Main Dish Casseroles

Martha White Pies to Please

Martha White Southern Cornbread

Martha White The Bread Basket



Classic Meadow Gold Recipes


16 new ways to cook with milk

16 best chocolate milk recipes

16 plain wonderful cottage cheese recipes


why Christmas is a recipe. Put a sparkle in Santa's eye! This Shopping-Day Dinner's a Snap. (December 1949) [Lithuanian Butter Pastries, Meadow Gold Oyster Stuffing]


Meadow Gold Buttermilk Recipes (1947)


Meadow Gold Dairy Products Recipes (1949)


Le Beurre, C'est tout! Sunday Breakfast! Mr. Washington would be pleased! (February 1950) [Meadow Gold Butter Biscuits, Scrambled Eggs with Bean Sprouts, Meadow Gold Devils Food Cake]


Cranberry Muffins, Strawberry Whip, Chafing Dish Cheese 'n' Fish (1952)



Classic Orville Redenbacher's Recipes


The Popping Corn Book (1985)

Guide to Popping Corn (1989)



Classic Rosarita Recipes


Rosarita's Kitchen Recipes (1987)

Rosarita's Gridiron Classic (1989)

Rosarita Fiesta Style (1988)

Rosarita Magnifico (1990)



Classic Wesson Recipes


Wesson Recipe Collection Series 1

Wesson Recipe Collection Series 2

Hints On Prolonging Life of Oil


























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