Company Profile

Originally founded in 1894, Beatrice has had a long standing reputation with an old fashioned approach in how we conduct business, which all of our customers are treated with respect, and always with a smile.

Beatrice is a unique company that takes an old fashioned method in doing business with its employees and customers. Firstly, our company encourages employees to be innovative, and our philosophy also has an open door policy with management.

Secondly, Beatrice takes quality seriously. Quality control procedures enable Beatrice to ensure that each and every product that we offer is of the highest standard, and Beatrice continually monitors and tests products to maintain the highest levels of quality for our customers.

Beatrice meets the specific needs of all customers by offering completely individualized service. Whatever the needs of a retail, or Enterprise customer, Beatrice responds quickly through its sales representatives. Orders are processed on a single delivery, single invoice basis. This eliminates costly paper work, and follow-up inquires.

Our company business has been a solid forward-looking programme, one which puts quality and innovation at the forefront. Our company is aligned according to the markets they serve, to better serve our customers.

Beatrice, which is the Latin name meaning: (she that makes happy, she that blesses); is appropriate for the the way we do business.

Whether our company is distributing food products on behalf of The Salvation Army, or performing complex technological installations and maintenance for our customers, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with us here at Beatrice.


Beatrice Technologies, Inc., through our Beatrice ProService, utilizing CommScope® and SYSTIMAX® structured cabling, we have experience in ensuring that your network has the proper distribution cabling, patch cords, and core components, which are Made in USA, NOT China[PRC]. The Porticus Centre, an online historical archives online and physical resource repository has proven to be a reliable source for research material by universities and businesses, which is our non-profit archival business unit, whose mission is to bring to the public, historical documents that have not been seen in many years, or have been relegated to the dustbin of history. Our main historical documents represented are from the Bell System, Beatrice Foods Co., and Borden Company.

Food & Distribution

Beatrice Foods Co., with a reputation that dates back to 1894, we distribute ConAgra Brands food products to The Salvation Army upon request.

For information about our former ClassyCrisps branded popcorn that is now an independent company, go to Beatrice Popcorn Co.