Company Profile

Originally founded in 1894, and going dormant in 1990, until being revived in 2007, Beatrice has had a long standing reputation with an old fashioned approach in how we conduct business, which all of our customers are treated with respect, and always with a smile.

In a quick changing world, Beatrice has enhanced our digital media assets to offer unique programming. From documentaries, historical, faith-based programming, news, and entertainment films, Beatrice is building upon its legacy of quality and innovation. The New Beatrice of 2024 and beyond ushers in a new beginning.

Beatrice, which is the Latin name meaning: (she that makes happy, she that blesses); is appropriate for the the way we do business.


Through our dedicated Bview streaming platform, Beatrice Media distributes quality programming and content to a global audience.  Our flagship broadcasting system, BNS utilizes Bview to distribute its content, as does Bfaith, for the various Christian churches that rely on uncensored video streaming of their services.  Beatrice Media also is responsible for the Gene Hoopes literary works, which have a rich legecy dating back to the 1930’s.