Welcome to the corporate web site for Beatrice Companies, Inc., home to Quality, Innovation, Reliability, and Value since 1894.

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Beatrice is a unique company that takes an old fashioned method in doing business with its employees and customers. Firstly, our company encourages company employees to be innovative and our company philosophy also has an open door policy with management.

Secondly, Beatrice takes quality seriously. Quality control procedures enable Beatrice to ensure that each and every product that comes out of our production facilities is of the highest standard, and Beatrice continually monitors and tests its products to maintain the highest levels of
quality for our customers.

Beatrice meets the specific needs of all customers by offering completely individualized service. Whatever the needs of a retail customer, Beatrice responds quickly through its sales representatives. Orders are processed on a single delivery, single invoice basis. This eliminates costly paper work and follow-up inquiries.

Beatrice Cooke

Delicious and nutritious mealtime recipes from Beatrice Cooke! Explore the world of Beatrice Cooke Recipes that use our very own products, and that have captivated culinary fans.

Beatrice Direct

For those who love our Beatrice Gourmet Popped Corn or Tarasov Herbal Dressing & Sauce so much, but are unable to locate it at your local store, look no further, Beatrice Direct has what you are looking for! Our newly redesigned web store has all of our Beatrice Foods products available for purchase.

Who We Are

Company History

Originally founded as Haskell and Bosworth in 1894 by George Everett Haskell and William W. Bosworth in Beatrice, Nebraska, and later incorporated in Lincoln, Nebraska as …

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Mission & Vision

Beatrice Companies, Inc. may look like a big company; however our operating and management philosophy is founded on the principles of respect and honor, and we feel that every product …

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Beatrice Categories


Our Beatrice Foods segment manufactures and markets branded products to retail and food service customers in the United States. Our current brands are Tarasov Herbal Dressing & Sauce® and Classy Crisps Gourmet Popped Corn®


Beatrice Distribution is engaged in the sale and distribution of food and consumer products, like Colgate-Palmolive, ConAgra Foods, Kerry Ingredients, Fisherman’s Friend, PEZ Candy, Jhirmack, Playtex, and Taylor Freezer.


Beatrice Direct part of Beatrice Consumer, is our company on-line web site store, featuring products directly from our warehouse to your business.  Beatrice Direct is unique, where we cater to your needs when it comes to what you need, and when you need it.


Beatrice Technologies is dedicated to bringing you quality and reliability in technology, with advanced products that help leverage your business communications; ranging from IBM Power servers, Lexmark printers, Lenovo computers systems, CommScope structured low voltage cabling, and Bittium Tough Mobile™ smartphone with the Bittium Secure Suite™ device management and encryption software that provides a full set of services for secure communications.

Our Brands

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