Our Brands

Through innovation, research, and development, Beatrice has created some unique products that have evolved into highly respected and trusted brands that consumers rely upon, for their quality and high attention to detail.


The Porticus Centre is our historical business document and archival retrieval system, which houses many rare documents that are available to researchers, business executives and others.


Founded in 2003, the Porticus Centre was founded by DeWitt P. Hoopes, president of Beatrice Companies, Inc. The Porticus Centre was originally created to archive and digitize historical materials relating to Beatrice Foods Co., Borden Company (Borden, Inc.), and American Telephone & Telegraph Annual Reports. The Porticus Centre grew once it had acquired from David Massey, the web site of The Bell System Memorial (www.bellsystemmemorial.com) in 2006, which itself has been around since 1997. In 2003, our Bell System Memorial site was rated #1 on USA Today’s Hot Sites.