Beatrice ProService

The Porticus Centre – Bell System Memorial Historical Website

A website created as a memorial to the people,

history, innovation and dedication of what was known as

Beatrice Foods, and later Beatrice Companies, prior to April 1986.

“a Reputation thru all the Nation”™

George Everett Haskell (1894-1919)

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Classic Beatrice Cooke Mealtime Adventures Recipes and Other Beatrice Product Recipes

Delicious and nutritious mealtime recipes from Beatrice Cooke!  Explore the world of Beatrice Cooke Recipes that use our very own products, and that have captivated culinary fans.

Books About Beatrice

Explore more on the history of Beatrice, and get your very own copy of ‘Beatrice: From Buildup Through Breakup’, by Neil Gazel.