Mission & Vision

Beatrice Companies, Inc. may look like a big company; however our operating and management philosophy is founded on the principles of respect and honor, and we feel that service should be of the highest standard possible, and that we treat our employees, vendors and customers with the respect they deserve. Beatrice has fought hard to ensure that this company remains true to its convictions and does not waiver from them. Beatrice Companies, Inc. has always believed in an old fashioned approach to doing business, and lives by the old code of treating each other as individuals, promoting from within the company, encouraging employees to better themselves and evaluating employees on their merits. Beatrice also believes in an open-door policy on ideas and suggestions that help the company and fellow employees. No one in the company should feel left out and marginalized, and suggestions and input from all employees is welcomed and encouraged.

As our company grows, and new companies join the Beatrice family, it is important to note that Beatrice always strives to retain existing management and employees of these new companies, and Beatrice management is also careful to evaluate the existing business practices of new companies to see how well they will fit in with the Beatrice standards, and then adopt them. Unfortunately, other companies that acquire other businesses tend to bring in their own people with little regard for the existing management and employees, which can be very disruptive, and damage the reputation of the existing business. Beatrice believes in nurturing the businesses that are part of our family, and allowing each operating group to share in the benefit of being part of Beatrice.

Vision & Ethics

  1. To have a high level of customer service, and offer products that create value.
  2. To Conduct business under high ethical standards.
  3. To fulfill our social responsibilities as a corporate citizen in our country and in other nations and in all communities in which we operate and to contribute to improvement of the quality of life and environment.
  4. To provide employees with opportunities to be productive and creative individuals and to be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. Beatrice encourages its employees to advance through the company ranks. We believe in our most important asset…our employees.
  5. To continue to implement programmes to develop the most efficient use of all forms of energy.
  6. To continue to improve plant and product safety programmes, and to standardize these programmes throughout the company.
  7. To hire competent and qualified individuals based off of their abilities to do the job they were employed to perform.
  8. To continue implementing our successful recycling programme that is standardized throughout the company.
  9. To support American manufactured products for use within Beatrice, and also for sale to our customers. With greater emphasis of blocking any use of Peoples Republic of China (PRC) manufactured products within Beatrice, wherever possible.

The Beatrice Way

Beatrice always has operated in accordance with a set of basic principles which constitute our corporate philosophy of management.

  1. Management As A Science – This means producing planned results by means of specific objectives, goals, priorities and strategies for both the near and long term.

    Long-range planning provides a blueprint for achieving objectives. In addition, the process of planning enables managers to participate in goal setting. It allows them to relate their function to the rest of the corporation. It forces a valuable discipline upon them.

    We expect management at all levels to have strong convictions about expense control and cost reduction. We want results that require highly motivated people. Capable people need the opportunity to demonstrate their ability. Our system of goals and rewards recognizes this and compensates them beyond the normal salary levels.

    We want people who are creative and innovative. We want profit-oriented people who make decisions and recommendations based on facts. People who do what is right, not what is acceptable.

  2. Profit Centre Concept – We are committed to the concept of individual profit centres managed by people responsible for profits and sales in each plant.

    We believe in strong product management with profit and loss responsibility centered on the individual product manager. This involves development of new products as well as marketing them in a profitable, innovative way.

    We must comply with local, state and federal laws and regulations which affect our operations. We should approach government as an ally instead of an adversary. All profit centres must be good corporate citizens.

  3. Maximizing the Return on Investments always should be an essential part of our operating motto. This is a vital responsibility to our stockholders.
  4. We expect Beatrice people to play a hard, clean game. We believe honesty and fairness involve candor and freedom to speak out without fear of the boss. This kind of integrity creates a positive atmosphere and a more unified management team.

    Employees deserve fair treatment, honest answers, open channels of two-way communication. We expect our management to insure that employees clearly understand their job responsibility and are recognized and rewarded for good performance.

  5. We value our suppliers, and they should be treated fairly in all transactions.
  6. We value our customer and should “play it straight” in all transactions.

    We should know where we are going. Motivated people, a commitment to long-range planning, a lean organization and through knowledge of our operating involvement will get us there.