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Beatrice Companies, Inc.
Corporate Offices
22 W. Washington St., Ste. 1500
Chicago, IL 60602-1607
+1 312-782-3820

Beatrice Services, Inc. HR Operations (Benefits Information)
+1 312-782-3820 ext. 3805

Lactalis Canada Inc.: (Beatrice branded milk, butter, and cultured dairy products)

Beatrice branded products in Canada are owned by Lactalis, and to inquire about consumer related issues with Beatrice in Canada, please contact them directly.  Beatrice Companies in U.S. does not handle the production of the dairy products in Canada, and utilizing the phone number below will allow your inquiry to be better handled.  Beatrice Canada in 1987 became an independent company.

Lactalis Canada Inc.
Consumer Relations Department
405 The West Mall
10th Floor Toronto, Ontario
M9C 5J1
+1 800-563-1515 or +1 416-626-1973

Beatrice Retirement & Benefits Information Manual

Comprehensive manual for current and former Beatrice employees. This manual contains key contacts for life insurance, retirement benefits, and stock certificates.

Historical Retirement Information

The following manuals are for historical purposes only, and should not be used for your retirement income plan or stock ownership information. It must be noted that the original Beatrice Retirement Income Plan contract was changed in 1989 to Principal Financial Group, and the BI42145- Beatrice Retirement & Benefits Information manual should contain your particular contact for your benefits.

Beatrice Foods Co. Retirement Income Plan (BRIP) 1977
Beatrice Foods Co. Employee Stock Ownership Plan 1977
Beatrice Foods Co. Key Employee Stock Option Plan 1970

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Beatrice periodically receives requests for coupons, and at present we are referring these requests to the ConAgra Foods web site dedicated to coupons, and recipes.
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