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We welcome you to the portal for Borden Historical Financial Documents.

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A Brief Historical Breakdown

  • 1857: Founded as 'Gail Borden, Jr., and Company", and primary product was condensed milk

  • 1858: Changed name to 'New York Condensed Milk Company'

  • 1899: New York Condensed Milk Company changes its name to 'Borden Condensed Milk Company'

  • 1929: Borden Condensed Milk Company changes its name to 'Borden, Inc.'

  • 1995: Kohlberg, Kravis and Roberts (KKR) acquire Borden, Inc., and spend the next nine years dismantling the company

  • 2004: KKR sells 'Borden Chemical', last portion of the original 'Borden, Inc.'


The following financials are related to "Legacy Borden", prior to their acquisition by KKR on 1995.




1994 Borden, Inc. FORM 10-K December 31, 1994


Borden, Inc. Letter to Shareholders January 5, 1994


Borden, Inc. Proxy April 8, 1994


Offering Circular/Prospectus Exchange Offer for All Outstanding Shares of Common Stock (Including the Associated Preferred Stock Purchase rights) of Borden, Inc. By Exchanging for Each Such Share A Number of Shares of Common Stock of RJR Nabisco Holdings Corp.


Notice of Guaranteed Delivery To Tender Shares of Common Stock




1993 Borden, Inc. Annual Report

Borden, Inc. Proxy February 22, 1993




1992 Borden, Inc. Annual Report




1991 Borden, Inc. Annual Report




1990 Borden, Inc. Annual Report

1990 Borden, Inc. FORM 10-K December 31, 1990

Borden, Inc. Proxy February 19, 1991




1989 Borden, Inc. Annual Report




1988 Borden, Inc. Annual Report




1987 Borden, Inc. FORM 10-Q March 31, 1987




1986 Borden, Inc. Annual Report

1986 Borden, Inc. FORM 10-K December 31, 1986




1984 Borden, Inc. Annual Report




1983 Borden, Inc. Annual Report




1979 Borden, Inc. Annual Report




1950 Borden Company Annual Report




1934 Borden Company Annual Report



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