Company Profile

Through our dedicated Bview streaming platform, Beatrice Media distributes quality programming and content to a global audience.  Our flagship broadcasting system, BNS utilizes Bview to distribute its content, as does Bfaith, for the various Christian churches that rely on uncensored video streaming of their services.  Beatrice Media also is responsible for the Gene Hoopes literary works, which have a rich legecy dating back to the 1930’s.

Beatrice Media, Inc. maintains the Bview, Bfaith, and BNS video streaming and audio sites, with news, music, and educational resources.  Beatrice Media also is owner of the Gene Hoopes literary books.

New and innovative video streaming platform that is clean and concise, with a dedication to quality, in both our programming, and our technology. Building upon our collaboration with Beatrice Technologies, Bview was originally conceptualized early in 2020, and officially launched summer of 2023, after considerable technological investment.

Christian faith based audio and video programming.

BNS, (Beatrice Network Services).  Our flagship broadcasting platform with three distinct channels that was conceived early 2023.  Early 2024 is when we begin to launch full programming on the Bview platform.

  • BNS News – Investigative reporting, interviews, journalistic research, and documentaries.
  • BNS Studios – Films from independent film makers, retro cartoons, and classic films.
  • BNS Culture – Documentaries on art, literature, history, and select military parades that are a glimpse on culture society from a unique perspective in our closely connected world.

Gene Hoopes’ Jim Dawson character, Head wrangler of the Lazy R. Dude Ranch, and a man of remarkable character and imagination, is the central figure of these wise and entertaining tales of the Far West.  Spanning the 1930’s through the late 1940’s, Gene Hoopes’ literary works are filled with fun and adventure that all can enjoy.

  • Silent Friends
  • Jim Dawson Returns
  • Tales of a Dude Wrangler
  • End of the Trail
  • Joan’s Conquest (release date 2024)

What We Do

  • Video streaming and broadcast production

Our Customers

  • Churches
  • Documentaries
  • Independent Films
  • Journalistic news