Historical Financials

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A Brief Historical Breakdown

  • 1894: Founded as ‘Haskell and Bosworth’
  • 1898: Incorporated as ‘Beatrice Creamery Company’
  • 1946: Beatrice Creamery changes its name to ‘Beatrice Foods Co.’
  • 1984: Beatrice Foods changes its name to ‘Beatrice Companies, Inc.’
  • 1984: Beatrice Companies acquires Esmark, Inc.
  • 1986: Kohlberg, Kravis and Roberts (KKR) acquire Beatrice Companies, and spend the next four years dismantling the company
  • 1987: BCI Holdings spins-off Beatrice Consumer Products Corporation which becomes ‘E-II Holdings’
  • 1987: BCI Holdings sells the original company business operations, Beatrice Dairy Products, Inc. to Borden, Inc.
  • 1987: Beatrice International Foods, which included Beatrice Foods Canada Ltd., sold to corporate attorney, Reginald Lewis and becomes TLC Beatrice International
  • 1987: KKR creates new company called ‘Beatrice Company’. Which is not the same entity as Beatrice Companies, Inc. or Beatrice Foods Co., and was specifically created to include Beatrice Cheese, Inc., Beatrice-Hunt/Wesson, Inc., and Swift-Eckrich, Inc. business units
  • 1990: KKR sells Beatrice Company to CAGSUB, Inc., a subsidiary of ConAgra, Inc.
  • 2007: After a hiatus, Beatrice Companies, Inc. is reactivated.
  • 2010: Beatrice forms new business unit for commodities called Beatrice Mercantile Exchange
  • 2011: Beatrice creates new business called Zyclopz, which is to handle business virtual directory services, and later web site design and web hosting.
  • 2011: Beatrice U.S. Food Corporation changes name to historic Beatrice Foods Co.
  • 2015: Beatrice Technologies divests bci360i and Zyclopz business units and focuses only on Enterprise and Public Services accounts
  • 2016: Official Launch Date of Beatrice Gourmet Popped Corn Announced
  • 2018: Beatrice Relaunches Tarasov Herbal Dressing
  • 2019: Beatrice Enters Into Definitive Agreement to Resell Bittium Tough Mobile C to Business Customers
  • 2019: Beatrice Foods Co. to Restructure
  • 2020: Beatrice Foods Co. to Discontinue Tarasov Herbal Dressing & Sauce due to COVID-19 Pandemic
  • 2020: Beatrice Popcorn Co. Division to Merge with 2Di4 Gourmet, LLC

The following financials are related to Beatrice Company, prior to their acquisition by ConAgra, Inc. on August 14, 1990.  (Note: Beatrice Company is not same entity as Beatrice Companies, Inc. or Beatrice Foods Co., which was formed in 1924.  Beatrice Company was formed in 1987 to include the former Beatrice Cheese, Inc., Beatrice/Hunt-Wesson, Inc., and Swift-Eckrich, Inc. business units).

The following financials are related to Beatrice Companies, Inc., after name change in June 1984.

The following financials are related to Beatrice Foods Co.

The following financials are related to Beatrice Creamery Co., prior to name change in 1946.